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Hello You! My name’s Zaid Crowe. I provide guitar lessons Birmingham for all ages & abilities.

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Not based in Birmingham or even the UK?  I can provide lessons to international students via Skype!

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Guitar Lessons Birmingham

Reviews from my students describe me as an accomplished, committed and enthusiastic guitar teacher.

My teaching style focuses on fun with a balance of all the knowledge you need to become a capable guitarist.  With a strong grounding in music theory that’s applicable to your desired playing style, my guitar lessons Birmingham guarantee you the most relevant way to increase your skill level.

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I’ve had a few lessons with Zaid and I’m astounded by how differently I now approach the fretboard. Zaid breaks down complex ideas into easy to digest chunks of information, and teaches them to you in a way that you can actually apply to your playing. Zaid is friendly, knowledgeable and patient, and I would highly recommend his tuition. If you have hit a plateau in your playing (as I had) you will be amazed at how quickly taking lessons with a good teacher will change the way that you approach your instrument.

James Kershaw

Guitar Student from Guitar Lessons Birmingham