The web is overflowing with a mixture of free guitar courses.  But what if they aren’t for you? Then I guess that’s why you are here; looking for the right tutor.

Daunting task right?  Let me introduce myself.


Who Am I?

My names Zaid Crowe and I’m a Birmingham based guitarist and tutor.

After 25 years working as a professional musician, studio engineer, and within the digital music industry for record labels alongside the likes of Pink Floyd and Radiohead, I can now share my knowledge and experience with you.

You can get a better insight to me by reading my blog, checking out some of my video, or by following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Finally, you might want to take a look at some reviews from existing and past students. Feel free to reach out to them for an honest opinion!

What Do I Offer?

As a guitar tutor, I offer a modern-day environment to allow people of all ages to learn how to play the guitar.

Zaid TeachingIncorporating the digital age, I go two steps further than simply offering one-to-one sessions from my base in Central Birmingham. Through the use of Skype, I can conduct online guitar lessons and I’m always available when you have questions for me, going above and beyond for all my students.

You can book your lessons online, have access to videos and learn of other online resources which can help you on your journey to playing the guitar.

When you have questions between lessons, you can reach me by phone or email to ensure that your learning remains smooth and continuous, and that you have all the support you need, including detailed notes after every lesson to help you practise at home.

A Touch Of Bespoke

Whether your aspiration are an a more academic approach via grades, a more ‘free form’ approach or sharpening your existing skills; my

Zaid Teaching

teaching methods are tailored specifically for the goals and ability of each student.

Everyone is different, and everyone learns differently, so I take note of this and will always aim to create the ideal environment for you – whether that be in person or over Skype.

Not everyone who wants to learn guitar wants to be a professional, sometimes you just want to play for fun, and I can accommodate that, as well as being able to teach grades for those who want it.

What can I learn?

Acoustic, bass, ukuele and electric guitar lessons are available for anyone over the age of 4 who wants to learn.

I can cover everything from formal grades to simply learning some songs or remedying problems with tehcnique.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own guitar yet, as I can provide one for you to learn with during your one-on-one sessions in Birmingham.

When you book your guitar lesson, in Birmingham or via Skype, you can always be confident that you’ll be in the best hands. Give me a call to find out more about what I can offer you.

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